America's Growing Inequality

The Impact of Poverty and Race

Foreword by Chicago Congressman Luis V. GutiƩrrez Edited by Chester Hartman

Publication date:

02 April 2014

Length of book:

590 pages


Lexington Books

ISBN-13: 9780739191712

The book is a compilation of the best and still-most-relevant articles published in Poverty & Race, the bimonthly of The Poverty & Race Research Action Council from 2006 to the present. Authors are some of the leading figures in a range of activities around these themes. It is the fourth such book PRRAC has published over the years, each with a high-visibility foreword writer: Rep. John Lewis, Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr. Bill Bradley, Julian Bond in previous books, Rep. Luis Gutierrez of Chicago for this book. The chapters are organized into four sections: Race & Poverty: The Structural Underpinnings; Deconstructing Poverty and Racial Inequities; Re(emerging) Issues; Civil Rights History.
We are living in a truly extraordinary moment in our history, plagued with economic inequality and rampant injustices. America’s Growing Inequality: The Impact of Poverty and Race is an essential tool to educate, inspire, and energize people to fight for necessary change.