Using Early Memories in Psychotherapy

Roadmaps to Presenting Problems and Treatment Impasses

By (author) Michael Karson

Publication date:

27 April 2006

Length of book:

244 pages


Jason Aronson, Inc.

ISBN-13: 9780765703958

Certain intrinsic features of early memories make them analogous to life problems and to the therapy relationship: childhood tends to imply situations that are confusing, disempowered, or impulsive, and relationships that are parental, intimate, or defining. When early memories are examined, the results can be personally meaningful to the individual and relevant to the presenting problem and to the therapy. This book recommends strategies for using early memories to enhance the working alliance, to make psychological sense of presenting problems, and to resolve treatment impasses.
This concise yet clinically rich book is an insightful guide to the ever perplexing labyrinth of memory as it affects our emotional lives. Deftly, it interweaves early Freudian notions, views of Adler, Mayman, and Bruhn, and contemporary advances in the understanding of memory-related phenomena. The result is a striking elucidation of the multi-layered meaning and impact of early experience upon us. Side-by-side this theoretical intrigue exist superb technical innovations that enhance our capacity for understanding and enrich our skills as therapists!