Higher Education as a Bridge to the Future

Proceedings of the 50th Anniversary Meeting of the International Association of University Presidents, with Reflections on the Future of Higher Education by Dr. J. Michael Adams

Contributions by J. Michael Adams, Dame Glynis Breakwell, Angelo Carfagna, Inwon Choue, Ramu Damodaran, Elizabeth Davis-Russell, Emmet Dennis, Hassan B. Diab, Sheldon Drucker, Allan E. Goodman, Andrew Hamilton, Neal King, Fernando León-García, James Alexander McWha, H. E. Ban Ki-moon, Brendan O'Malley, () (Stephen) Park, Rev. Emma Percy, Alvaro Romo, Toyoshi Satow, Jason A. Scorza, Kakha Shengelia, Michael Stevenson, Ichiro Tanioka, Nigel Thrift, Uroyoán R. Walker-Ramos, John Wood, Nicholas Baldwin Edited by Jason A. Scorza

Publication date:

07 October 2016

Length of book:

214 pages


Fairleigh Dickinson University Press

ISBN-13: 9781683930099

This volume assembles the papers, presentations, and speeches from the 50th Anniversary Meeting of the International Association of University Presidents (IAUP) held in Oxfordshire in 2015. This book is a companion volume to the proceedings of the 1965 inaugural meeting of IAUP, also published by Fairleigh Dickinson University Press.

The highlight of the 50th Anniversary Meeting was an academic conference at Oxford University on the theme of “Higher Education in 2065.” Participants were called upon to look ahead to the next fifty years of global higher education, drawing from their academic fields, as well as their leadership experience within and beyond higher education. The resulting collection includes discussions of current trends that will impact the future of universities, as well as discussions of specific challenges likely to face higher education institutions, both generally and in particular regions. Some contributors outline steps that higher education institutions and/or policymakers should adopt today to prepare for those challenges, while others imagine the university of the future.

Edited by IAUP secretary-general emeritus Jason Scorza, this book is dedicated to the memory of J. Michael Adams, who served both as president of Fairleigh Dickinson University and president of IAUP, and includes some of his final writings on the topic of the future of global higher education.

Founded in 1965, IAUP is the world’s largest association of university chief executives from higher education institutions. Membership is limited to individuals who serve or have served as presidents, rectors, or vice-chancellors at accredited colleges or universities.