Publication date:

16 April 2013

Length of book:

188 pages


AltaMira Press

ISBN-13: 9780759119512

Museums exist to serve their audiences; however, the scope of this charge is constantly being challenged and changed. This book looks at new roles small museums have taken as they find ways to become irreplaceable members of the community, engaging with and advocating for their audience—from large-scale marketing and public relations efforts to welcome signs and entrances. Book Five encourages small museums to examine their audiences and make them comfortable, program to their needs and interests, and spread the word about the museum’s good work. It also features several case studies of successful evaluation programs, sample press releases, accessibility checklists, visitor experience checklists and more.
Along with suggesting easy-to-implement strategies, the Small Museum Toolkit Book 4 provides real-world examples of small museums successfully engaging their audiences. I appreciate the stand-alone nature and clear writing of each chapter, which allow me to pick up the book and quickly learn something useful.