Leading For Democracy

A Case-Based Approach to Principal Preparation

By (author) Patrick M. Jenlink, Lee Stewart, Sandra Stewart

Publication date:

28 June 2012

Length of book:

230 pages


R&L Education

ISBN-13: 9781607093497

At a time when America’s schools face many of the most difficult challenges ever, the authors of Leading for Democracy: A Case-Based Approach to Principal Preparation return the reader to an agenda for democratic leadership for schools. Emphasizing the need for leadership preparation programs to reexamine existing and more traditional approaches to principal preparation, this comprehensive book draws to the foreground the need for a case-based approach that reflects the real-world problems and challenges faced by principals in schools today.

In particular, Leading for Democracy emphasizes both a case-based pedagogy for principal preparation and the democratic ideals that provide the foundation for democratic schools, bringing into specific relief the work ahead for professors of educational leaders in preparing principals ground in democratic practice. Equally important, Leading for Democracy provides practical insight to the challenges of today’s principal, offering a set of pedagogical tools for professors to guide students of leadership in learning and understanding the difficult work required of leading democratically, set against the backdrop of a changing America.
Lived democracy is a pivotal aspect of school life, and thus it must be also of school leadership, regardless of external pressure for measurable outcomes. In Leading for Democracy, we get a number of very inspiring cases taken from the complex lives of school principals to read and discuss and be better prepared to take on school leadership in the relational work with teachers, students and parents.