Scale-Up in Education

Issues in Practice

Edited by Barbara Schneider, Sarah-Kathryn McDonald

Publication date:

28 December 2006

Length of book:

282 pages


Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

ISBN-13: 9780742546608

Scale-Up in Education, Volume 2: Issues in Practice explores the challenges of implementing and assessing educational interventions in varied classroom contexts. Included are reflections on the challenges of designing studies for improving the instructional core of schools, guidelines for establishing evidence of interventions' impacts across a wide range of settings, and an assessment of national efforts to bring reform to scale in high-poverty schools. This volume also includes findings and insights from several federally funded research projects charged with bringing conceptual and analytic rigor to studies of successful scale-up.

All of the chapters address the challenges of conducting scientific research in schools and provide insights for obtaining the support of teachers and school administrators. The result is a highly readable volume ideally suited for educators interested in the issues that inform intervention research, researchers concerned with designing practical studies that are methodologically sound, and policymakers engaged in evidence-based school reform.
This book contains a series of highly readable articles investigating how to design and conduct studies in varied educational settings, and how to implement a specific intervention once it has proven successful. Recommended.