The Promise of Trinitarian Theology

Theologians in Dialogue with T. F. Torrance

By (author) Elmer M. Colyer

Publication date:

19 December 2001

Length of book:

368 pages


Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

ISBN-13: 9780742512931

Thomas F. Torrance is considered by many to be the most outstanding living Reformed theologian in the Anglo-Saxon world. In The Promise of Trinitarian Theology, Elmer M. Colyer presents a collection of essays critiquing Torrance's work. It explores his place in Reformed theology and his relation to the Greek fathers. Both everyday life and scientific understanding are discussed in the essays within. The Promise of Trinitarian Theology is a hopeful step engaging the works of T. F. Torrance and the theology behind his words.
It will be of interest to anyone seeking an introduction to Torrance's thought as a whole, or to any of its various facets.