Ethics and Politics in School Leadership

Finding Common Ground

By (author) Jeffrey Brierton, Brenda Graham, Daniel R. Tomal, Robert K. Wilhite

Publication date:

11 January 2016

Length of book:

192 pages


Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

ISBN-13: 9781475818987

The authors are national school resource experts and have teamed up to write a comprehensive book on ethics and politics. It covers everything you need to know about ethical leadership and dealing with politics in schools. The book starts with an ethical framework and moves on to politics with unions, administrators, and School Boards with suggested strategies for effective conflict resolution. There are realistic cases in every chapter of the book with the final chapter focused on comprehensive ethical and political cases to test the reader in addressing such issues in the educational or related settings.

Benefits and Features of Book:

  • A comprehensive book covering all aspects of ethics and school politics.
  • Each chapter objectives are aligned with the ELCC, InTASC, ISLCC, and TLEC standards used for accreditation and alignment in program content.
  • Many federal and various state data sources are included.
  • Each chapter contains a comprehensive case study and exercises for practical application.
  • Provides a blend of academic, theoretical, and practical perspectives in handling and dealing in ethical and political situations.
  • Several handy resources are included in the appendices.
The authors provide an excellent perspective on understanding ethics and politics.