Encyclopedia of Martin Luther and the Reformation

Foreword by Bruce Gordon Introduction by Martin E. Marty Edited by Mark A. Lamport

Hardback - £215.00

Publication date:

31 August 2017

Length of book:

978 pages


Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

ISBN-13: 9781442271586

The Encyclopedia of Martin Luther and the Reformation is a comprehensive global study of the life and work of Martin Luther and the movements that followed him—in history and through today. Organized by a stellar advisory board of Luther and Reformation scholars, the encyclopedia features nearly five hundred entries that examine Luther’s life and impact worldwide. The two-volume set provides overviews of basics such as the 95 Theses as well as more complex topics such as reformational distinctions. Entries explore Luther’s contributions to theology, sacraments, his influence on the church and contemporaries, his character, and more. The work also discusses Luther’s controversies and topics such as gender, sexuality, and race. Publishing at the five hundredth anniversary of the Reformation, this is an essential reference work for understanding the Reformation and its legacy today.
Published on the occasion of the quincentenary of the Reformation, this encyclopedia extends beyond the Reformation to include the Reformed tradition, more radical movements (e.g., Anabaptists), the Counter-Reformation, and the history and present state of Lutheranism. In addition to the alphabetical entries—most brief but informative, each concluding with a brief bibliography—there is substantial scholarly apparatus, including appendixes that outline Luther’s paradoxical doctrine of the Two Kingdoms and details about Lutheran bodies in North America. The 475 entries include doctrines and controversial topics (e.g., Sabbatarianism), religious phenomena (e.g., Marian piety), events (Marburg Colloquy), places (Slovakia, Wittenberg), and persons (Hieronymus Emser, Huldrych Zwingli). Also covered are subjects like printing, hymns, music, and family life. Luther’s teachings are examined in articles ranging from "Views of Women" to "Self-Love." A series of articles address why the Reformation mattered, in its time and in various religious traditions since. Among the most interesting entries are "Legends Regarding Luther" and "Postcolonial Luther."…. [T]his is a worthwhile set. Summing Up: Recommended. Lower-division undergraduates through faculty and professionals; general readers.