Women of Uncommon Valor

Life Stories of Women from Birmingham, Alabama

By (author) Geraldine Watts Bell, Hattie Griffin Lamar

Paperback - £32.00

Publication date:

19 March 2010

Length of book:

160 pages


Hamilton Books

ISBN-13: 9780761850281

Women of Uncommon Valor introduces readers to women who have demonstrated extraordinary commitment to the various endeavors through which they have fulfilled their lives and contributed to the city of Birmingham. These women have succeeded despite having experienced degrees of gender, racial, class or ideological discrimination. Readers will observe that these women who share their stories are goal-directed and determined, responsive to models in their lives, and embraced leadership opportunities that were within their reach. Today, these courageous women dare to encourage, inspire, and advise young women who are just beginning their journeys. As these stories unfold, readers may remember the lives of other women whose stories will merge with these and form an inspirational chorus rendering knowledge, experience, and wisdom.
These valiant women's stories would appeal to women of all ages, including innumerable ones who have themselves emerged victorious after facing tremendous odds in a male-dominated environment, or when breaking new ground in unexplored territory, or when seeking positions or promotions traditionally assigned to males. And men, too, who have conquered obstacles to reach their dreams can find parallels in these life stories of women from diverse backgrounds and experiences that literally span the world, but who now call Birmingham home….This book is strongly recommended…