Innovation in the Schoolhouse

Entrepreneurial Leadership in Education

By (author) Jack Leonard

Publication date:

19 September 2013

Length of book:

198 pages


R&L Education

ISBN-13: 9781475802894

The call for entrepreneurial leadership in education has never been stronger, but there is little descriptive information about this kind of leadership and even less advice on how a leader might grow in this dimension. Beginning with the constant need for innovation in every learning organization, the author makes a case for an entrepreneurial style of leadership in education.

The author paints a multi-faceted picture of entrepreneurial leadership using stories of real leaders in combination with writings from the social sciences, education, natural sciences, business and the arts. The incursion of business practices in education is also addressed head-on. The author defends the historic, democratic tradition of education against 21st century neoliberal trends, while allowing room to learn from best practices in other fields. The role of risk-taking and incentives is examined along with leadership motives.

The goal of this book is not just better leaders, but educational organizations that are entrepreneurial in nature. The author offers practical advice to educational leaders, from teachers to principals to superintendents, on practical steps toward a more innovative organization. Specific chapters on the school leader, teacher leaders and school partnerships offer practical wisdom for out-of-the-box thinking.
Jack Leonard has written a thoughtful and personal account of his experiences as an entrepreneurial school leader. Leaders who function as creative, independent and courageous thinkers are often misunderstood in school districts structured hierarchically in a risk-adverse culture. Everyone in education involved in the rethinking of how schools and their central office should be organized and led will find Leonard’s ideas around the value that entrepreneurial leaders bring to an organization valuable and forward thinking.