Black British History

New Perspectives

Edited by Hakim Adi

Publication date:

15 March 2019


Zed Books



ISBN-13: 9781786994257

For over 1500 years before the Empire Windrush docked on British shores, people of African descent have played a significant and far-ranging role in the country’s history, from the African soldiers on Hadrian’s Wall to the Black British intellectuals who made London a hub of radical, Pan-African ideas. But while there has been a growing interest in this history, there has been little recognition of the sheer breadth and diversity of the Black British experience, until now.

This collection combines the latest work from both established and emerging scholars of Black British history. It spans the centuries from the first Black Britons to the latest African migrants, covering everything from Africans in Tudor England to the movement for reparations, and the never ending struggles against racism in between.

An invaluable resource for both future scholarship and those looking for a useful introduction to Black British history, Black British History: New Perspectives has the potential to transform our understanding of Britain, and of its place in the world.

Key features

  • A remarkable contribution to black British history and an invaluable resource for students and scholars, as well as those looking for an approachable introduction to the subject.
  • Editor is a leading authority on the subject and has a considerable profile, having served as an expert contributor and historical advisor to a number of exhibitions and TV/radio programmes.
  • Covers the full span of black British history from the Roman Empire to the present day, including unique chapters on recent social movements, the New Cross Fire, Dianne Abbot’s fight against racism and Zimbabweans in Britain.
  • Combines the latest scholarship from established and emerging scholars in the field.
'A truly ground-breaking collection bringing new and important insights to the history of Black people in Britain. Black British History is a powerful body of work that reimagines the role Blackness in Britain. An indispensable contribution to how we understand Britain.'
Kehinde Andrews, author of Back to Black: Retelling Black Radicalism for the 21st Century