Creating Criminals

Prisons and People in a Market Society

By (author) Vivien Stern

Publication date:

01 April 2006


Zed Books

ISBN-13: 9781842775387

Market society is producing more crime around the world. More acts are being defined as crimes. Ever increasing numbers of people are classified as criminals and more are being locked up in prison. With globalization, the crime and punishment problem is no longer insulated from pressures beyond national borders. The rich may retreat behind their expensive security into gated communities, but the poor are more and more at the mercy of criminals and corrupt policing. Yet, Vivien Stern argues, the trends towards more criminalization and more imprisonment are not making for more effective crime control or safer communities. This important book demonstrates that the prospects for the future are serious unless NGOs and reformers join in a new movement for reform that gives more control of justice policy back to communities and neighbourhoods.
"This book sparkles with hopeful ideas about how we could reduce crimeand the prison population. It shows how the worldwide move to privately owned prisons and the ideas that flow from marketed services are leading to increased fear of crime, costly prisons and cruel regimes. It outlines very clearly how we could do better.' Clare Short, MP 'Recently, overcrowding and frequent use of incarceration started here in Japan. Vivien's New book encourages us to build up a more humane and more effective way against crimes.' Yuichi Kaido , lawyer, Secretary General of Center for Prisoner's Rights, Japan 'This passionate, accessible book provides a challenging critique of the conventional views of crime and imprisonment throughout the world...this is a book that everyone should read.' Prison Service Journal